Section 11 - Community Paramedicine Protocols

11.0 CIP Protocol Table of Contents

11-01 CIP Program Policy

11-02 CIP Medical Director Roles and Responsibilities

11-03 CIP Medical Direction

11-04 CIP Scope of Service.Treatment Capabilities

11-05 CIP Documentation

11-06 CIP Program Enrollment

11-07 CIP Patient Service Plan.Care Plan

11-08 CIP Program Discharge

11-26 CIP Fall Risk Reduction Assessment

11-27 CIP Social Determinants of Health Assessment

11-28 CIP Medication Audit

11-29 CIP Feeding Tube

11-30 CIP Urinary Catheter

11-31 CIP Ostomy Bag Replacement

11-32 CIP Nasal Packing

11-33 CIP Specimen Collection

11-34 CIP Point of Care Testing for Blood Analysis

11-35 CIP Suture Removal

11-36 CIP Otoscope

11-37 CIP PICC Access

11-38 CIP Vaccinations

11-39 CIP Naloxone Leave Behind

11-41 CIP Naloxone Medication Kit Contents and Distribution

11.50 CIP Patient General Assessment and Care

11-51 CIP Diabetic Care

11-52 CIP Asthma Care

11-53 CIP COPD Care

11-54 CIP CHF Care

11-55 CIP Chronic Hypertension Care

11-56 CIP Post MI or Cardiac Intervention Care

11-57 CIP Post Orthopedic Surgical Intervention Care

11-58 CIP Post Stroke Care

11-59 CIP Prenatal Care

11-60 CIP Mother and Infant – Postpartum Care

11-61 CIP Diagnosed Sleep Apnea Care

11-62 CIP Wound Care

11-63 CIP Substance Use Disorder Care

11-75 CIP Skin Rash Complaint

11.76 CIP Urinary Complaint

11-77 CIP GI Complaints

11-78 CIP Suspected Respiratory Infection Complaint

11-79 CIP Sore Throat Complaint

11-80 CIP Nosebleed Complaint

11-81 CIP Sexual Assault Follow Up – No logo

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