• To organize and participate in efforts to maintain and enhance a quality EMS System in St Clair County, including cooperating with the county of St Clair and agencies thereof in areas of mutual concern.
  • To develop and update, with advice from the Medical Control Advisory Committee, protocols for the provision of EMS primarily in St Clair County, relating to operational and clinical matters, and communication.
  • To serve as the designee for the Michigan Department of Community Health, pursuant to Act 369 of 1978, as amended, to serve as Medical Control Authority for St Clair County Emergency Medical Services.

St Clair County Medical Control shall do the following to furtherance its mission.

  • Assure the provision of quality cost effective emergency medical services system which meets the needs of residents in St Clair County.
  • Establish a mechanism to review the performance of participants in the system and to assure continuing optimum quality.
  • Encourage and support where feasible, the emergency medical training and education programs for the region
  • Foster community relations and education regarding emergency services.